Top-left over the Map you see in our mini-panel the  position and altitude in MSL and AGL, in addition the compass and  the number of fixed GPS-Sats as well as UTC- and Sunset-Time.
To the right of each airplane symbol we show 2 short lines, each with 3 fields separated by space the color depends on the altitude:
<20000  <40000  >40000:
Transmitter(A=ADSB, F=Flarm, s&f=Our), ICAO/FlightID  count-valid-pos flight-level, speed-kmh/knots and number of seconds since last position.
If 3 times valid position-, speed- and course-data has been received, we calculate every second the theoretical position and show it as a dotted line in the altitude-depending color in front of the icon. We apply the same procedure at the Minute-Forecast. With the menu "See all Planes", a list of planes will be displayed in the top left side, showing all the aircraft (ICAO-ID, altitude, course, speed and signal-strength) that do not appear on the map, because they either have no valid position in the CPR or have been filtered out by the altitude-filter.
if you - through close this tabs - are swept back to the Map-Demo, appears by click/touch in the map the menu, the red highlighted features are turned on by clicking you can switch off / on.