Air-tcs (traffic control system).
With this demo we show recorded air traffic situations around Munich just like you would see on your display on board. All you need is our Cockpad and a device with HTML5-Browser. Check out our
Pixel-Map-System and see more about map-features in particular the mini-panel on the top and the turned-to-flight-course of all map objects and representation of the flight-track and flight-forecast for all planes with serious data, we have summarized all that in long noses. There you can see also more how to toggle the visibility of: airspaces, coord-grid, distance-rings, forecast, tracks, receiver-counts, GPS-Status and list of planes with invalid CPR.
We have started here with our Pixel Map in range of 40 km and the visibility of receiver counts as well as a list of planes with invalid CPR (position data)

           Click left in the map & Enjoy